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COCOON WELLNESS - Vagina Dumbells – Pelvic Floor Weights

COCOON WELLNESS - Vagina Dumbells – Pelvic Floor Weights

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How gorgeous are these Pelvic Floor Vagina Dumbells for maintaining your sacred feminine! Cocoon’s dumbbells provide a superior, safe and effective workout to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Use everyday for just 10 mins to feel the difference. Rebuild stronger and tighter vagina muscles for improved bladder control, easier labor, faster childbirth recovery, as well as treat weak pelvic floor muscles.


Strengthen, firm and tone your pelvic floor muscles. The weighted vaginal exercise balls shows over 70% success rate with stress incontinence in clinical trials when used for 12 weeks.

Why You’ll Love this: The ultimate workout for your sacred feminine! Designed to help improve bladder and bowel control, increase sexual satisfaction and orgasmic potential after childbirth or menopause.

Key Benefits*The 3 progressive sizes and gradual weight increments provide a more controllable pelvic floor – with no leaks, and better intimate sensation.
*Made from the smoothest, proprietary BPA-free, non-stick medical-grade silicone.

How it works: Easy and safe to use. The three progressive weights work in synergy to dramatically improve your pelvic floor muscles. Isotonic exercisers help you strengthen and target your pelvic floor muscles accurately and effectively.

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